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An audible form of dance in which the dancer learns beats, timing, and rhythms while coordinating upper body movement.


A style of dance wherein the dancer learns to move his/her body to various forms of music. The basics of jazz will assist dancers with all other forms of dance.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance. All other forms of dance can only be improved and mastered by the study of ballet. Ballet teaches proper body alignment, balance, grace, turnout, how to work each aspect of the body and then to unify them. Ballet is a necessity for any student who wishes to advance in dance, desires challenge, someday hopes to teach or assist, or is considering a future in dance.


An expressive form of dance interpreting music through fluid dance movements. Often conveys a message or story. Dancers must be enrolled in intermediate or advanced ballet.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a ‘video style’ or ‘street style’ dance. It is a stylistic form of dance that can only be mastered once a student already understands their individual body movement. A student should be aware of his/her body, its capabilities, and how to move it as well as have a natural rhythm in order to comprehend hip hop. The basics of jazz will assist those interested in hip hop.

Musical Theater

A dance form that encompasses all other dance styles. Along with emotion, lyric, and dialogue studies, Musical Theatre Dance helps students acquire stage acting experience


Gymnastic and acrobatic movements combined with dance.


A Pre-K class is a  45 minute combination class for 3-4 year olds. Teachers base their classes on creative movement and analogies as well as learning basic dance steps.


A combination class is a one hour class for 5-8 year olds consisting of ballet, jazz, and tap. It is designed so that students will have some knowledge of the three basic forms of dance.