Ballet is the foundation of all dance.  Ballet teaches proper body alignment, balance, grace, turnout, and how to work each aspect of the body and then to unify them. Ballet is a necessity for any student who wishes to advance in dance, desires challenge, someday hopes to teach or assist, or is considering a future in dance.  Students who become proficient in ballet may be invited to begin lessons in pointe!

What to Wear: 


  • Form fitting t-shirts and black fitted jazz pants.
  • Black split sole ballet slippers.


  • Convertible or footed tights, preferably in pink and a solid colored leotard are required. 
  • A ballet skirt may be worn.
  • Hair must be in a bun.
  • We do not have color preferences for student attire.
  • Pink split sole ballet slippers.
  • Leather or canvas is acceptable.