A percussive and audible style of dance where the metal taps on the heels and toes of the dancer’s shoes create novel rhythms and beats.  In addition to offering tap classes for children ages 3-18, we also offer an adult only tap class for all levels!  

What to Wear


  • Form fitting t-shirts and black fitted jazz pants or shorts.
  • Black leather lace up tap shoe


  • Tights and leotard should be worn to tap class.
  • Dance skirts, capris, shorts, or leggings may be worn over leotards.
  • Hair must be pulled back, off the neck, away from the face, and secured tightly.
  • Adults can wear workout clothes or anything that they feel comfortable moving in.
  • Beginner students should wear the tan one strap, “Mary Jane” style tap shoe.
  • Beginner/Intermediate, Intermediate, Teen, and Adult recreational students should purchase the economical So Danca black lace-up tap shoe from Bailey Slipper Shop.
  • All competition students should wear Bloch brand black split sole lace up tap shoes.