Attire and Footwear


Dance Attire


Males: Form fitting t-shirts and black fitted jazz pants. Hip Hop pants or gym shorts may be worn for Hip Hop.
Females: Tights and leotard are required for all classes. Dance capris, shorts, or pants may be worn over leotards. Hair must be pulled back, off the neck, away from the face, and secured tightly.


Males: Form fitting t-shirts and black fitted jazz pants. 
Females: Convertible or footed tights and a solid colored leotard are required.  A ballet skirt may be worn.  Hair must be in a bun.

Dance Shoes

All shoes must be purchased from a dance supplier (the dance suppliers will have a list of specific shoes). Place student's name or initials on the inside of all shoes. All tap shoes should have rubber on the ball of the shoe. Be aware that shoes may be painted for the recital.  We prefer Bloch brand jazz and tap shoes.

Pre-K and Combination Shoes

Female: Pink ballet slippers and black patent leather tap shoes.

Male: Black ballet slippers and black leather oxford tap shoes.

Jazz Shoes

All Levels: All leather tan split sole, slip on jazz shoes.

Tap Shoes 

Beginner-Intermediate, Minis: Tan one strap flat (MaryJanes).

Teen and Competition (junior and higher): Tan, tie, split sole leather oxford.

Adults: Black leather oxford.

Males: Black leather oxford.

Ballet Slippers

Female: Pink leather or canvas split sole ballet.

Male: Black ballet slippers.

Hip Hop Shoes

Beginner-Intermediate:  Black High Top Converse - Generic/look-a-like brand may be purchased at Target and many other main stream retailers.  

Teen, Advanced, and Competition:  See Teacher - Wear clean, dry sneakers or previously worn hip hop boots until teachers decides on footwear.


Capezio Brand “Pirouette” lyrical shoe


Bare feet (tights must still be worn)

Musical Theatre

See Teacher - Please wear any color jazz or ballet shoes that fit until teacher decides.


Competition students in any subject or level should be prepared to purchase special shoes or alternate colors depending on their routine. They should own all shoes listed above as well.

Dance Suppliers

Bailey Slipper Shop   8204 Main Street, Clarence, (716) 634-0314